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All-pros-all-pros Preview - Yahoo Sports

Tony Romo will start at quarterback for Team Irvin, Andrew Luck for Team Carter in the second year of a format concocted to is the max workouts any good bring some life to an event that had become a show of halfhearted effort, little defense and practically no blocking. The players returning from last season say the intensity was up. ''There were some big hits last year,'' Denver safety T.J. Ward said.
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/luck-led-team-carter-vs-romo-lead-team-010234753--nfl.html

Shortstop Troy Tulowitzki's surgically repaired hip on mend - Yahoo Sports

No doubt,'' he said. ''Hopefully, all these things are passed me and I can move on and go out there and play 140, 160 (games), however many games it is. I'd love to do that. I have every intention to. We'll see how it goes.'' When he and Gonzalez are healthy, this is a potent lineup, especially when you throw in NL batting champion Justin Morneau and All-Star outfielder Charlie Blackmon.
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/shortstop-troy-tulowitzkis-surgically-repaired-hip-mend-003539688--mlb.html

MyRecordJournal.com | Meriden, CT | CrossFit?s intense workouts bring balance

People can get hurt on a yoga mat, people can get hurt in a CrossFit Gym. Reilly said its important to have a coach who pays attention to detail and form to make sure the participant does not get injured in the exercises and that people should listen to their body. Despite those risks, CrossFit still remains popular. The YMCA in Wallingford is now offering a CrossFit class, said Executive Director Sean Doherty. The YMCA is partnering with CrossFit Triton in Wallingford. I think its a great partnership that we have and a great workout, Doherty said. It was exactly what we needed, said Giana Gleeson, a member of CrossFit Meriden.
Source: http://www.myrecordjournal.com/southington/southingtonnews/6658609-129/crossfits-intense-workouts-bring-balance.html

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